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As your Oneida County Clerk I am an active member of the New York State Association of County Clerks in which my duties are to exchange ideas and bring about uniformity in methods and procedures with my fellow colleagues.  To promote a standard of excellence in the service offered by all county clerks of New York State.  To introduce and/or lobby for legislations which will benefit all the residents administrative ruling which would be detrimental to our constituents.  I serve as your Oneida County Clerk on the following committees:

Legislative Committee:  To lobby our state representatives in order to introduce or defeat legislation that will have an impact on the well being of our constituents.

DMV Committee:  To work in conjunction with the New York State DMV Commissioner to fashion procedures and protocol that will benefit our driving public.

APA:  Co-Chair-APA stands for Adirondack Park Association, this new committee was formed in 2009.  The main focus of this committee is on any issues surrounding the Adirondack Park, such as the potential closure of snowmobile trails.  I am proud to serve as co-chair of this very important committee.

Education Committee/Mentor Program:  Liaison – I am proud to serve as the liaison between my colleagues and the president of the county clerk’s association on this committee.  This committee holds a yearly meeting for all county clerks to keep them abreast of any new professional developments.


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