The Office of Oneida County Clerk is mandated by the State Constitution and the clerk is an elected official representing all of Oneida County.

The office of the Oneida County Clerk is charged with four main functions:
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Department of Naturalization
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Regional Records Center
Office of the Registrar: One of the duties of the County Clerk is to serve as the Registrar for the county. As registrar the clerk is responsible for the storage and maintenance of the county’s records. The most commonly accessed public records are stored in the County Office Building downtown Utica on the fifth floor in the clerk’s office. Older documents can be found in the records room located on B1 in the County Office Building. Under my tenure I have increased the scanning and digitizing of land records to encompass the years 1983 to the present, thus providing the constituents of Oneida County easier accessibility and greater preservation of their land records. I have provided worldwide access via the internet by posting the verified land index but have also secured your identity by not posting the actual documents, as I had promised. As a member of the New York State County Clerks Association Legislative Committee, my colleagues and I will continue to lobby our state representative for the removal of all personal information from public records that are posted on the world wide web.

Department of Naturalization: This department provides a multitude of services. Four times per year the clerk hosts a Naturalization Ceremony to welcome our newest American Citizens. This office and its representatives provide the utmost in customer service to Oneida County constituents looking to travel abroad with our passport services. During my tenure I have expanded the availability of the passport services to include Thursday evenings at Utica’s Union Station and attached this service to my DMV Satellite Offices to help ease the burden for the Oneida County Taxpayer. Passport Representatives have also traveled to schools, libraries and senior citizen centers, benefiting Oneida County constituents and increasing Oneida County Revenues. I have also implemented, in the department, the hunting and fishing license program. Our Oneida County Sportsmen and women have another avenue in which they may obtain their hunting or fishing license. Also helping ease the burden on the Oneida County Taxpayer by providing another source of revenue.

Department of Motor Vehicles: The county clerk serves as an agent of New York State. Along with DMV Offices in Utica and Rome I have initiated the opening of four satellite DMV Offices to provide new service to the four corners of Oneida County, Camden, Boonville, Bridgewater and Sherrill. Under my tenure I have opened the Utica and Rome DMV Offices on Thursday evenings 7:00 pm. I have worked in conjunction with the Oneida County Snowmobile Association and Oneida County Tourism Bureau to provide the Saturday Snowmobile Registration Program at the visitors center on Exit 31 of the New York State Thruway during the months January and February. These services have all been beneficial in saving taxpayers time and money, increasing revenues for Oneida County and promoting our local tourism.

Regional Records Center: The Records Department of the Oneida County Clerk’s Office has a vast number of Historical Documents. The Regional Records Center located in Westmoreland NY provides a central storage location that is equipped to handle the large number of documents in the clerk’s care and ensure their continued preservation. Records dating back to the inception of the county in the late 1700’s are accumulated there. The clerk’s office receives numerous inquires daily from constituents interested in searching their heritage, the records center has many useful resources for compiling genealogies. At the present time war are quickly running out of room in our regional records center, we urgently need to update this facility for the needs of the 21st century and in my next term this will be one of the tasks I will undertake. I will ensure the preservation of the precious historical records under my care.


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